A note to all naysayers

I have been told by several people that I'm "unlikely" to succeed: Don't tell me the odds! The McStalking case was supposed to have lead to me being deported from the UK in 2019. As of 2021, it is still ongoing (and I'm still in Scotland), although ever more likely to be exposed for the vexatious lawsuit that it is, the same way DC Thomson has been exposed for their ties with Donald Trump.

Total Rendition hasn't achieved yet widespread attention. That will soon change. Nevermind that according to gog.com, it is a "niche" title (which btw is going to bite them the ass really quickly, as in hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Cyberpunk 2077 hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha) or as one little Weinstein from frontline.vc put it, "market penetration" will be a problem. This is of course quite circular reasoning, since without a large platform to sell it on, it will always remain niche and without funding, it's impossible to get the word clearly heard. Besides, even Ninja is getting tired of Fortnite. Perhaps I may have offended Epic Games for criticising Fortnite, although then again, some self-reflectiveness might be in order. 

Total Rendition will be available on Steam from version onward (the required licencing already arranged) and furthermore, Google Analytics (please excuse me for having used it) shows that the most prominent age demographics are Millennials, Zoomers and Generation X'ers, in that order; which makes for a brilliant audience: Market penetration like a bullet causing hydrostatic shock! Nevermind I'm one of those supposedly whiny millennials, I think once the supposedly conformist Zoomer generation gets to play a recent game play made like one in the late 1990s or early 2000s, it will prove a major revelation and become their ticket to full rehabilitation from the Zuckerbergjugend.

One person had a particular nice objection though: I ought to become a writer instead! Well, there is just one thing you can do with game plays which you cannot with writing alone; let players create their own adventures! I just hand out building blocks, which indeed must be written. It's not contradictory; it's complimentary. That person added that game development is not my world; well then, I'll make it my world! The game development scene is desperately in need of new ideas: Titles either lack ambition (the imaginations of would-be game devs stunted by the likes of Abertay University) or indulge in lootboxes and microtransactions instead: There must be another way, right? 

Now, I have never majored in game development, or game technology or whatever corporate buzzword universities have come up with to milk aspiring game devs. In fact, if that's want you want to do, you really shouldn't major in one of those game dev majors: Nothing beats being self-thought, be it programming, 3D art, concept art or anything else necessary for game development. 

Perhaps a law degree would be useful for would-be game developers, because the best games are developed by those not constrained by capitalism, meaning you either must have very wealthy parents, have become rich before you got the game development bug or, be prepared to shoplift your food and squat your living space. Besides, a law degree may be useful in learning how to set up all the constructions you need to get those little Weinsteins surrender their money to your project, while remaining independent from the large microtransaction pushers such as EA, and prevent them from inserting strangulation clauses. Or to prevent libel suits or defend yourself from the Jack Thompsons and karens in this world. I learned most of the necessary legal basics in my spare time myself, although a law degree would have given me a major headstart.

I majored in Computer Science, Media Studies, Philosophy and Theology and I completed none of them, because admittedly, from the professor's perspectives I was the bête noire of the classroom in the case of my CS and media studies major periods, yet I was prevented from completing my philosophy and theology major thanks to V.S.L. Catena's Scientology-esque harassment efforts. Yet, all of these majors all brought some very useful ideas which I apply day-to-day work of bringing you Total Rendition. CS made me master that maths necessary for effective game programming (although really, if that's your thing, do a maths degree instead, if you're doing a degree anyway), media studies gave armed with the tools to give woke criticisms of DC Thomson, while philosophy and theology teaches you to deal with difficult concepts (which no game dev major actually does, like ever).

Total Rendition is a very big game that in a capitalist society will take lots of money to make, because it takes lots of effort to make, yet people aren't going to escape from landlords with a profit-sharing agreement. Still, that doesn't deter me. It just happened that the end-result will be very profitable too, although that was a side-thought. The main reason, is that Total Rendition is not only the game they don't want you to play, or even the game play you are looking forward to; it is the game I want to make. Until it's finished, I don't want to work on anything else. Nor should I. It would be irresponsible for me to not work on Total Rendition, no matter how much naysayers say that I should quit. Fuck the naysayers - I will show them!

-Mordechai Gabai

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