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Having just announced the completion of Total Rendition, I felt it was appropriate to now outline the planned milestones in an oven-ready format appropriate for Brexit an devlog. While you can already look up the list of milestones on SourceForge, I think I will be leaving out many regular readers of the devlog by keeping it limited to just that.

So, we are at version The next mini milestone will be, which will see the completion of all keyboard rebindables, Then comes, with audio options, then with context sensitive mouse cursors, because you don't want to see a hand icon when you are about to start a dialogue, although you probably do want to see a more appropriate icon when you are... well... about to start to fight. And finally, will coincide with inclusion of a more fleshed out inventory system. 

In fact, will be a major milestone, since it will also coincide with some new content which takes advantages of some of the better fleshed out gameplay mechanics. As such, that will be a release available on There will be a couple of such major milestones, including, which sees the debut of the probably much anticipated arcana mechanics. With, Total Rendition's development will enter Alpha stage, meaning no massive changes in gameplay mechanics are to be expected.

The most exciting milestone to be watching for will be Total Rendition The "oven-baked" version of is intended to offer at least 6 hours of gameplay, giving you an opportunity to meet the cast of characters featured in TR's plot and will be available for MacOS as well as for Linux-based systems. Indeed, is merely a working title and will probably be known to a wider public by a much more poetic name, to indicate it is a first episode in a series. 

However, we don't intend to sell the episodes separately; all will be part of one compelling package, that we aim to be "world-beating" (although hopefully not the Cyberpunk 2077 way). By (or at least, so the current plans are going) will also have been localised to German, French, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Hebrew, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and Korean, with the exception of the VO's which are intended to be in the language that would be actually spoken given the situation; mostly English and Dutch and a slew of other languages as well, including Hebrew and German (I'll be damned if the phrase "zimmer frei" ultimately doesn't make an appearance in Total Rendition, which is set in Noordwijk after all).

Following, there will be episodic releases and formally speaking, there will be iterations in between programming-wise, mostly geared at fixing bugs and adding minor features. However, by that time, the accent of development will have shifted towards properly telling the story - very much the primary goal of Total Rendition - and world-building.

I'll keep you updated on progress, with inside looks on development, as well as unleashing my rants on irritants on development. While my rants sometimes may make it seem that obstacles to development are very big, none of these have proven fatal. Indeed, "never tell me the odds." 

Now, let's build a "world-beating" game! 

-Mordechai Gabai


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