McStalking Trial - Postponed (yet again!)

What you did not miss from the Evening Telegraph: The McStalking trial planned for January 28th this year in Dundee Sheriff Court has been postponed, due to COVID-19. For the fourth time in fact!

It was first postponed in November 2019, after I made a deliberate decision not to appear because vexatious litigation should not be rewarded with my presence in court. Instead, I ended up celebrating Guy Fawkes day at a bonfire in Liverpool. Accordingly, with a lot of fanfare, the Evening Torygraph announced my arrest warrant (if this were a tort case, or a delict case as it is called in Scots, this would have never been possible).

The second time, it was postponed due to COVID-19, the planned hearing itself originally being prompted after karens in red shirts called the police on me in February 2020, which resulted in a one month long remand, supposedly for interspersing work done on Total Rendition in the Edinburgh university library with sleep. Then again, I emphasise "supposedly"; COVID-19 was not considered a major problem back then, so while it is tempting to assume it had to do with concerns about COVID-19, that probably is not the actual reason either.

The third time, it was postponed awaiting the outcome of the Freedom of Information inquiry to the Home Office. Thus far, the Home Office has so far maintained deliberate ambiguity about their involvement in the McStalking case, neither denying nor confirming: Priti vague I know. (if you don't get this one, you probably don't live in the UK)

Then - Cheeki breeki! - another postponement, again due to COVID-19! Hopefully, the case will be expedited. This legal abuse is very plainly transparant.

-Mordechai Gabai

UPDATE: Trial diet is set for 21st of July 2021, after the EU Settlement Scheme deadline; Looks like Brexit isn't meant to last after all...

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