Total Rendition will remain free-to-claim on until...

Total Rendition will remain free-to-claim on until the first Steam release is ready. The first Steam release will be initially priced at €19.99 (or it's equivalent in other currencies) and will gradually be raised towards €39.99 (the full-scale release price-tag).

Covertly, we all want Total Rendition to be available for free for all, yet in a capitalist society, this is not feasible: Total Rendition is still in its infancy of development with a remarkably long gestation time. The aforementioned rolling-out strategy was chosen to maximise attention needed for the project to obtain the millions of quid it needs to be developed in a gold status game with close-to-AAA production values it was envisioned as.

Be quick though: All copies of Total Rendition claimed on will give you access to the full version once that's ready. So, you could save up to €39.99! Furthermore, Total Rendition will be priced at €19.99 on once the first version of Total Rendition available for Steam is out, which will probably happen somewhere next year is done when it's done.


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