What Total Rendition currently lacks

It has been said that a designer knows when he has achieved perfection, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Right now, there isn't much in a way to take away from Total Rendition, yet there is still much to add. Yet perhaps, I should be talking, not about what currently available Total Rendition versions already have or new features future versions are going to have. Much rather, I should be talking in terms of features that are supposed to be present in the gold-status version of Total Rendition that you may already pre-order, yet are notably lacking in the currently available versions, including Thus, Total Rendition will be perfect, when the lack of these things are taken away:

Overall features that are missing!

Note: I have to be deliberately vague in these areas, lest I'll spoil the story!

  • A main-questline that lasts for more than a day
    Even the latest version of Total Rendition at the time of publication ( only gives you a tiny, minuscule fraction of the story line that I have written out for Total Rendition so far.
  • A faithful re-creation of certain parts of Noordwijk-aan-Zee in Unreal Engine 4
    Not being either a consummate level designer or environment myself, this will have to wait: Unless you want to help...
  • A large arsenal of weapons, gadgets and utility items!
  • Last yet not least: A large cast of characters who will also be voice over'ed!

Gameplay mechanics that are missing!

Being necessary to render the story of Total Rendition in an immersive fashion and making you able to identify with Tzipora Herzog, these currently have the highest priority. With the exception of AI, which shall be work-in-progress throughout the development cycle, all of these features are expected to have been implemented by version, which will mark in broad strokes feature completeness in terms of gameplay mechanics. (That will have to take a bit longer, besides, version numbers only indicate programming progress, not content)

  • A proper, tile-based inventory system (Expected by
  • Arcana skills (Expected by
  • Medical items & skills (Expected by
  • Stealth mechanics & skills (Expected by
  • Phone messages (Expected by
  • Level transitions (Expected by
  • A smarter AI

UI/UX features that are missing!

Apart from polishing, which is to occur between and (large scale release), coinciding with the majority of assets-building, most of these features are expected to be present by

  • Graphics options (completed since Total Rendition
  • Main menu
  • Keyboard rebindings
  • Audio options
  • Save game
  • Overall polish (player character animations, a more deliberately designed UI aesthetic, improved player-world interaction)

The final of version of Total Rendition that you may pre-order from Itch.io will lack none of these things!

In order to make Total Rendition perfect, the lack of these things will need to be taken away!

-Mordechai Gabai


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