The quest to bring Total Rendition to Mac

When I had asked Kapt'n K (of KMFDM fame) to sample Total Rendition, he revealed that since he was a Mac user, he was not able to play the available versions for WIndows or Linux. Damn. And a real pity as well since KMFDM kindly allowed us to use Paradise in version and is also set to appear in the final version of Total Rendition as well! Yet, Total Rendition's concept artist Julien Hauville is a Mac user as well. In fact, some further research revealed a significant portion of visitors to Total Rendition's page are Mac users. As such, we have come to identify the lack of a Mac version of Total Rendition is a major deficiency.

Thus, we've set out to bring you a Mac version of Total Rendition as soon as we reasonably are able to do so! To this end, we have set up the Big Sur sale. We hope to just earn enough to cover all the expenses involved to focus head-on a Mac version of Total Rendition, starting with build The Big Sur sale will last until December 14th.

Electoral college shenanigans

On December 14th, election day proper will take place in the US. I, for one, felt that was necessary to raise attention to that, given that there unfortunately still exists a plausible chance that Donald Trump might snatch Joe Biden's honestly won victory. I am deeply concerned Trump may still use the political leverage he has to secure the majority of votes in the electoral college, using the War on Germs (the sequel on War on Terrorism) as a pretext to wrongfully invalidate perfectly legitimate votes to support Biden's victory in the electoral college.

Trump's own pro-civil liberties lip service only serves as a cover for the fact that Trump and his most elite supporters (such as Marc Short and Nassim Taleb) stand to have the most to gain from what is probably going to become the biggest scandal in medicine since the Lancet MMR Autism fraud. No one should be allowed to steal any election in such fashion!

Feel free to disagree with me: What you think of my politics should not affect what you think of Total Rendition for good or bad. Even if you like Total Rendition's message, perhaps the gameplay is not to your liking or vice versa. And that's fine. However, if Total Rendition does not spark your thoughts, I might be tempted to think I have failed.


Of course, Total Rendition is still work-in-progress. Expect to not be the end, even in spite of the arrival of the Mac version. The successor of will be Around, Total Rendition is expected to be mostly feature-complete in terms of gameplay mechanics and from that point you will have a good view of what playing Total Rendition feels like. That's also when revisions make bigger leaps and iteration time decreases between builds available to the public, as most changes will either be bug fixes, new minor features polishing or new assets.

By the time Total Rendition will be available on Steam Early Access (and we already have a licence to sell on Steam although seems like the more appropriate platform for now), we will shift to gear to Episodic release where the narrative of Total Rendition properly unfolds with each new version until we have completed Total Rendition.

That all being said, enjoy Total Rendition, although let's hope it will accomplish a bit more than that! In short: Have fun, just don't be complacent!

-Mordechai Gabai


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