Build It's here is here! Admittedly, while I finished and uploaded the Windows version of on November 5th, I did held up release until the Linux version was ready. My reason for this was to protest Microsoft's failure to comply with my right to be forgotten. In so doing, Microsoft is normalising fake news. Yet, as it happens, now seems poised to be release exactly seven months after Total Rendition launched on for the first time! Hurray! Furthermore, perhaps the move will encourage further Linux development. Hopefully, as Linux for many developers is still an afterthought for too many developer: Making the Linux version of Total Rendition was a bit of a pain in the ass. I am considering to upgrade Total Rendition to Unreal Engine 4.25, considering Vulkan is still poorly supported with 4.21 on which Total Rendition was developed with. Hence, the Linux version of Total Rendition uses OpenGL instead of Vulkan.

To celebrate this major milestone in the development of Total Rendition, you can pre-order Total Rendition with a 75% discount, while exclusive access to It's still not feature complete, which is expected with (Besides, we need to eat)

Defending the indefensible

The release of also coincides with Poppy day. Despite I live in Britain (by virtue of living in Scotland I should add), I will not observe it, since I find it utterly inappropriate to glorify imperialism. While it is important to keep wartime deaths close to our memory, the way Poppy day seeks to do it is utterly reprehensible: Now almost thirty years back, another UK studio made a game called Cannon Fodder, which made a lot of Tories mad because it was said to mock Poppy day! So, consider wearing a white peace poppy instead.

Total Rendition also concides with the 9th anniversary of Skyrim. Congratulations! Unfortunately, I did not like Fallout 4 that much, which made me want to avoid Fallout 76. When fellow gamers started complaining, I knew I dodged a bullet!

The road to Mac

One of the major issues I have identified is the lack of an official Mac version of Total Rendition. The Pre-Order-And-Play goal is currently aimed at contributing towards a first Mac release.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, will not appear for Mac. is the earliest version of Total Rendition to appear on Mac. Hang on friends!

-Mordechai Gabai


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Nov 11, 2020
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Nov 05, 2020
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