We are on the cusp of releasing Total Rendition Some small additions and tweaks are being as I am writing this, although it will probably be ready in the first half of this month. Indeed, we hope it will prove to be a major milestone in the development of Total Rendition.

Now, in terms of content, Total Rendition is not going to be a major leap compared to earlier versions. As of to date, the project still doesn't have a dedicated environment designer and instead environment design for was a shared competency between me and the team's 3D artist. Where we hope Build is going to be major leap in, is showing the maturation of Total Rendition's background lore, overall design direction and new features. Some of these are admittedly still very crudely implemented (which is why it is a prototype!) although if you one of those curious souls prepared to pay for the full version now in order to also be able to play this version, I hope you will appreciate the effort! We can also tell you Total Rendition is going to be the first version of Total Rendition with a bit of KMFDM involved (if you play it you will find out how)!

Quite frankly, we could perhaps have progressed much further in terms of development if it weren't for the vain efforts on my part to raise investment for Total Rendition. Because I had devoted a significant amount of time to raise a budget fit for a AAA title, even though in all frankness, I have come to realise that narrative titles have mostly been crowded out by the Battle Royale sensations such as PUBG and Fortnite. While this realisation does not mean I have decided to give up on Total Rendition's ambitions, it did meant we had to come up with completely novel business case in order to make Total Rendition feasible despite the fact we are not major studio. The resurrection of the pre-order-and-play model is part of it. 

Some things were largely outside of our control however. As I'm currently Total Rendition's sole programmer as well as the Total Rendition's writer, progress was severely frustrated when I had to spend a period of arbitrary pre-trial detention at HMP Perth between February and March this year. Fortunately, I have been bailed, and I have made arrangements for the project to be in safe hands in the eventuality a miscarriage of justice occurs.

Total Rendition is going to be exclusive to a limited audience (of which you can be one of them, if you're fast enough!) for the foreseeable future and will initially be released on Windows (don't expect the favourable treatment for Windows to last!), with a Linux version planned to follow shortly afterwards. We hope to use the proceeds of the pre-order-and-play earned from version Total Rendition to get equipment sorted out (so we can bring you a Mac version), cover clerical expenses and compensate everyone who has worked on it so far (which includes KMFDM btw).

If you find €39.99 a bit steep to gain access to a mere prototype version that you might be able to complete within a few minutes, even though you will also get access to Total Rendition's future prototypes and the final version, just wait a while: We do not plan on on being the final prototype version of Total Rendition and furthermore, we plan prototype releases to occur much frequently than is currently the case. Furthermore, the first Mac prototype of Total Rendition will be available free of charge (which will be our apology to Mac users for us not having made a Total Rendition prototype for Mac yet).

The following prototype release of Total Rendition after will be which is expected to see Arcana skills, health items & skils, multiple levels. will see a proper inventory system, some new in-game features revolving around your in-game smartphone and a proper main menu and options screen.

We hope Total Rendition to be feature-complete by version, after which new versions shall mostly focus on polishing (like improving the animation system and giving you a smoother gameplay exprerience), bug-fixing, assets-creation and world-building. Once we have hit Beta (hopefully somewhere in 2021), Total Rendition will be released henceforth be released in episodes as opposed to prototypes. By then, the graphical fidelity of Total Rendition will have massively improved over what we have now as well!

Hopefully, we can one day look back to this epic journey of how Total Rendition was made!

-Mordechai Gabai


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