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Total Rendition's ambitions are big: We are aiming to emulate the comprehensiveness of games from the 1990s and early 2000s, yet with contemporary technology and timeless social commentary to boot. Hence, for us, having a limited budget is a major handicap, probably much more so than for any other indie developer. Yet, since we also want to avoid recreating the currently fashionable Battle Royale, in spite of the fact that we live in a capitalist society, no private investor is likely to touch Total Rendition in the foreseeable future. We are thus planning to reinstate Pre-Order-And-Play once more. It is to coincide with the limited release of version (which shall see only limited circulation). Pre-order-and-play it will allow you to pre-order the future full version as you are financially supporting development of Total Rendition. And as a reward, you will get access to future prototype versions (the ones that will not be available on IndieDB!) as well as the gold-status version of Total Rendition, once that's ready. In effect, having pre-ordered Total Rendition shall give you a seasons pass to access all official prototype demos following

Admittedly, a lot of shit could happen to us: Since 2016, even the "free" world is getting gradually more repressive. We could be thrown in jail over purported crimes that did not actually occur. We could be massacred by Neo-Nazis like Charlie Hebdo suffered at the hands of Muslim Fundamentalists. We could be bureaucratically frustrated by governments too (so, Rishi Sunak; if you're reading this: I don't have a national insurance number and since I cannot register for self-assessment without it, you'll probably won't get a penny of personal income tax from me)! Yet, these obstacles remind us why Total Rendition's narrative matters, even if it is perhaps an excuse plot to vent our frustrations on society!

Being human, we sometimes can make mistakes ourselves as well too. For that reason too, we cannot make any hard guarantees we will be able to deliver Total Rendition to gold-status at this stage. However, we are confident that we do possess the capabilities to have a reasonable shot at it: That it's going to be hard, will not be a reason not to attempt it. On the contrary, despite what the naysayers say and despite the discouragement we receive from the most unsavoury characters, the world is probably ripe for something like Total Rendition. That realisation alone, helps us to keep doing what we do best.

Right now, the Total Rendition dev team functions effectively bootstrapped; With our limited resources, development will progress very slowly until we have alleviated that situation. Pre-ordering will give you the opportunity to closely follow progress on Total Rendition and support its development. Pre-ordering Total Rendition will be your vote of confidence to Schizotypy to deliver Total Rendition in spite of the odds and/or that you approve of Total Rendition's design goals, narrative or anything else you like about it! The money will be used to fund equipment (as we really hope to bring you a MacOS version of Total Rendition), software and living expenses as we are building Total Rendition. Scottish legal aid is funding my defence in the McStalking case, so legal expenses are not a worry.

That all being said, we sincerely hope that if you pre-order-and-play Total Rendition, you are not to feel hindered to make it available on P2P platforms such as the Pirate Bay, as to ensure those who can't afford yet eagerly want to can still play it! You have our blessing!

-Mordechai Gabai


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