2020 Halloween & Election pilot!

My fellow gamers,

Recently, we have had to deal with a major setback as several of team members have expressed (unfortunately justified) fears of being targeted with Trump-ed up criminal charges (which shows how low Britain has gone since 2016). Needless to say, this has negatively affected the dev team morale. However, while is still work in progress, as I'm writing this, progress has been made. And indeed, I for one, now find myself in very good spirits once again with a new Halloween (election) campaign to match!

While we have used the Halloween sale as an opportunity to create awareness about Total Rendition's existence, this is not quite the give-away yet. Instead, we hope that the occassion will be prove to be an opportune time to show you what we have accomplished so far, in spite off all the odds. So, as Donald Trump would put it: "Enjoy!"

Nevertheless, if you are eligible to vote in the US (which I am unfortunately not, as I'm not a US citizen, in spite of the degree in which the US government affects my life), I beg you to please consider voting Biden-Harris! Those who don't want you to play Total Rendition are very buddy-buddy with Trump-Pence. Thus, voting Biden-Harris is probably one of the best gestures of support that you can make towards helping Total Rendition attaining gold-status, right now!

So, vote Biden-Harris! In person, if you can! While contrary to Trump's claims, mail-in voting is neither sensitive to fraud nor likely to spread SARS-CoV-2, there is a likelihood Trump will use COVID-19 as a pretext to invalidate mail-in votes. The fatality rate of SARS-CoV-2 is 0.6%; the fatality rate of dictatorships and civil wars are often much higher than that...

It appears SARS-CoV-2 has become the new Islamic State: It's certainly deadly, although not that deadly. And perhaps not even remotely as deadly as the "countermeasures" both have inspired. Yet, freedom requires a lot of discipline to maintain: I recall Bejamin Franklin had some interesting things to say about trading freedom for security...

-Mordechai Gabai

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