How to understand JTRIG?

At this point, it is becoming very clear that the UK government does not want Total Rendition to be made. The reasons for that are perhaps too predictable: First, Total Rendition deals with far-right terrorism, as many of your enemies in Total Rendition will likely be Neo-Nazis. Obviously, the UK hasn't come to terms with the fact MI-6 has historically supported Neo-Nazis and Neo-Fascists during the Cold War, particularly in Italy during the Anni di piombo. The UK government is perhaps also eager to avoid a diplomatic incident with the Dutch government and as such does not want to appear as sheltering me from the judicial harassment from the Dutch "joyfulness associations". 

These "joyfulness associations" are student fraternities which subscribe to an ideology similar to that of the Italian far-right political theorist Julius Evola. In fact, re-unionists from these "joyfulness associations" effectively rule the Netherlands as an oligarchic pseudo-democracy, controlling large corporations such as Unilever and Ahold,  the public broadcasters, as well the Netherlands' ruling parties VVD and CDA plus the nominally left-wing Labour Party, which is really just controlled "opposition". Surprisingly enough, the UK government hasn't shown to be their equal in their ferocity in administering judicial harassment, character assassination or oppression in general, which may explain why I am better able to put up with all this.

On the other hand, both like to use false stalking accusations, since there is no short supply of mini-Karens (such as Lynne McBride) and being accused of stalking begets a reputation of being a vicious sexist, even if it is blatantly untrue. For right-wing populists and oligarchs in power alike, anti-stalking legislation is an effective tool of opposition control, since it does not distinguish between the "fear and alarm" suffered by a Karen when called out for unfairly leveraging socio-economic advantage and Scientology's Operation Freakout, a legitimate target for anti-stalking legislation which is hardly ever utilised. Thus, arbitrary detention is easily justified.

The leaks by Edward Snowden have revealed, among other things, the existence of JTRIG, the UK government's covert opposition control program. While it is justifiably used against, for instance, the Taliban, it also used to suppress legitimate criticism and even in lieu of law enforcement, thus side-stepping due process in order to administer extrajudicial punishments. In fact, Glenn Greenwald wrote an excellent article about it. Central to JTRIG are "the 4 D's": Deny, Disrupt, Degrade and Deceive.

I have been denied access to public services I'm legally entitled to, because as a matter of fact, I am economically active, something the UK government refuses to acknowledge. As a result, I have been homeless at times, despite having only barely recovered from the judicial harassment from V.S.L. Catena and their allies (fellow "joyfulness associations" such as LSV Minerva, as well as Neo-Nazi terrorist groups such as the Azov Battalion).

Disruption is what has occurred to Total Rendition's development as a result of the McStalking case. I have been degraded by the deception the Evening Telegraph has written about me, although then again, it is well documented that DC Thomson (the Evening Telegraph's parent company) has strong ties with the UK government. This is evident, for instance, by their digitisation contracts with the Imperial War Museum, although that is just the tip of the iceberg. Thus, DC Thomson's attempts to justify the legal abuse by the Lord Advocate of Scotland have become a wee bit too obvious.

Of course, Total Rendition is going to be developed the way it is intended to be, obstacles notwithstanding. At the end of the day, it are the attempts to suppress it that are going to fail. While a major problem of capitalism is that it often makes abuse by governments profitable, the silver lining is that opposition to government abuse can become profitable as well. Indeed, this is what makes capitalism superior to the economic systems that had existed before it (i.e. manorialism). 

Banksy frequently lampooned capitalism and authoritarianism in many of his works, yet his works are now auctioned at extremely high prices and as such manages to keep the authorities at bay. So, that's where Total Rendition is headed, because it is perhaps the only way to defeat state-sponsored terrorism, hopefully this time for good. That being said, I will refuse to take any sort of artistic opportunism: I'm not going to change Total Rendition for profit's sake; Total Rendition will just be the way I intended, so let's hope that'll be profitable enough...

-Mordechai Gabai

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