Total Rendition contre "Social Media"

Total Rendition is in no way a competitor to other games, which should be more seen as an inspiration instead. Just like artists don't compete with one another (unless they are feuding) and instead inspire one another. Total Rendition is more of a competitor to Twitter and Facebook, although it also seeks to implement their opposite effect: Generate party talk and debates in real-life (the social aspect), detox people from a short-attention span (by forcing you to train a long-ass attention span in order to play the game, or game the play). To be an antidote to the big merchants of fear altogether, basically.

Necessarily, Total Rendition is not found on Facebook, not on Twitter, not even on Instagram. Perhaps you'd ask: Why? Because Schizotypy is opposed to social media. I'm personally opposed to social media in fact. Total Rendition will be noticed without needing social media. To detox you from social media has since become Total Rendition's design goal, as it won't hold your hands, so it will train your attention span to last! Just like a good 1990s game such as Fallout and Daggerfall (the second entry of the Elder Scrolls): No contrived arrows right in front of your nose to tell you where the fun is supposed to be. Or in your knee for that matter: Total Rendition is a game for adults so it will treat its players like adults.

While there is a smartphone mechanic, you won't see Tzipora Herzog using Reddit, Facebook or Twitter. If she did, she likely wouldn't survive in the harsh world of Total Rendition, however sugarcoated it may be. As Rolf Dobelli once pointed out, citing scientific studies, being bombarded with new information the way social media do will lead to increase of cortisol levels. Total Rendition will be an especially rough ride if your already high on cortisol through things that have nothing to do with Total Rendition's events itself. Furthermore, unlike social media or railshooters, Total Rendition actually forces its players to think. Like I wrote earlier, Total Rendition will treat its players like adults. So, please don't go all Jack Thompson if Total Rendition causes you "fear and alarm". If you don't like this, has plenty of other games. Besides, you can't win, as I track your movements 24/7 with a spy satellite (just kidding!).

In the hope of finding funding, I once showcased Schizotypy (and necessarily Total Rendition) on One of my fellow contestants at the time (who probably makes some sort of shitty app that monetises every time you fart, "startup" culture is really becoming cynical as such!) at the time once asked me along the lines "What benefit does Total Rendition offer to people?" although I did not have the opportunity to answer right away. What I probably would have said is that Total Rendition offers you fun and (here comes the social benefit part) detoxification from the influence of Fuckerberg, Jack Dorksey and their peers.

-Mordechai Gabai

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