Why there will be no Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S version of Total Rendition

Microsoft has claimed that there is "significant public interest in having access to" hate spewing Right-wing populist propaganda which it deemed "accurate and newsworthy". No, this is not a statement by a marketing executive of Fox News, as I'm quoting from Bing's response to a GDPR request. Thus, Microsoft has announced it wishes to be complicit in Right-Wing Populist propaganda.

Here is the full transcript:

Dear Mordechai Moshe Gabai,

Thanks for contacting Microsoft about Bing.
We have reviewed your request and have determined there is significant public interest in having access to this information because the content is accurate and newsworthy. Therefore, we have decided to take no action on the(se) URL(s):
You can always submit a new request to Microsoft providing the required information so that we can re-evaluate your request. You may also wish to send your request for removal directly to the webmaster(s), who control(s) the site(s) in question that the URL(s) refer to. The webmaster has the ability to remove the content in question from the web or block it from appearing in search engines. Additionally, you may contact your Data Protection Authority for additional guidance on exercising your rights.
Thank you,
Microsoft Customer Support
Please do not respond to this email. This is an unmonitored e-mail account. To learn more about Microsoft's data handling processes, please visit the Microsoft Privacy Statement at this link: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=521839

Of course, if the Evening Telegraph was truly "accurate and newsworthy", the clickbait headline regarding the McStalking case would have probably read "Here is why you should never fuck a Karen". However, this is not the first time Microsoft's Bing are supporting hate: Whereas Googling "Stormfront" will give you a link to the Southern Poverty Law Center and Wikipedia giving you information about Stormfront's activities, Microsoft's Bing prominently displays you the Stormfront website itself. Of course, as far as Bing is concerned, that's "accurate and newsworthy". Whoever composed the wording of the email I received, would probably make a great marketing executive for Fox News!

Since every dollar, euro or pound Microsoft would earn from selling Total Rendition on Xbox One and Xbox Series X is money that will be used to harm us (and could therefore, seen even from the perspective of the Friedman Doctrine end up costing us more money than it earns), I see no other option than avoiding Microsoft platforms to the extent as reasonably possible. Clearly, avoiding a Windows release will be a wee bit impractical, although the Windows version of Total Rendition was already being developed using Vulkan as opposed to Microsoft's DirectX before the incident.

In the meantime, I intend to wean-off my dependence on Microsoft products, as am going to use Linux- and Mac-based PC's to develop Total Rendition more often. The Windows version of Total Rendition may see a delay compared to other platforms, which will hopefully aid in reducing Windows' market share. However, if you are somehow forced to use Windows, consider pirating it (you probably do so already): Given Microsoft's complicity in promoting racist libel, they won't be able to sue me for advocating piracy of Microsoft products on the grounds of Ex Turpi Causa Non Oritur Actio. So, I'd say pirate Microsoft the best you can, for the liability is completely theirs!

Last but not least, don't waste your money on the Xbox Series X: You don't want to play a Call of Duty match against ultra-shouty MAGA crowds now do you?

-Mordechai Gabai

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