What's in a name: Why "Total Rendition"?

Total Rendition is called Total Rendition for reason. Why?

Total Rendition (this game that is) not in any way related to Colony, the TV series. In fact, when I had chosen the name Total Rendition, I wasn't even aware of Colony's existence. Unlike Colony, Total Rendition is not about aliens. Yet, the name sort of stuck and to date, I feel loathe to change it in the absence of legal obligations to do so; It might have been called "Blowback" or "Steal THIS Game" if Total Rendition wouldn't have been a viable name. That being said, I do feel Total Rendition has plenty of thematic similarities with Colony: Political plots, smokes-and-mirrors and all that.

Total Rendition is in a way a pun: The CIA speaks of "extraordinary renditions", which are extrajudicial kidnappings to a black site. It is a grave violation of due process and typically done among terrorism suspects, often deemed to be aligned to Muslim Fundamentalist groups. I'm not going to say what Total Rendition means in Colony, lest I spoil it. Yet, Total Rendition could also be regarded as a Total "Performance" (Rendition merely being another word for it). 

So, either way, it works.

UPDATE: In 2019, after Police Scotland arrested me in Dundee at the beginning of the McStalking case, I was asked "What is Total Rendition about?" At the time, I nearly completely used my right to remain silent. However, to the quoted question, this would be the answer: Among other things, beating up Nazi police officers like those guys in the article https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/16/world/europe/germany-police-far-right-chat-gr...

-Mordechai Gabai

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