The Game they don't want you to Play!

"The game they don't want you to play" is not simply a slogan: For Total Rendition, this is literally true. Total Rendition already has its own Jack Thompson. Except that Total Rendition's Jack Thompson is the Lord Advocate of Scotland, with a little help from Karen.

Vexatious litigation is always intended to bully and harass. Thus, while the legal abuse could have ended long ago, it is still ongoing. The complainant, (at the time at least) an employee of the educational staff of Dundee Contemporary Arts; falsely claimed I supposedly engaged in unwanted following. Furthermore Karen (not her real name) made a couple of unsavoury and unsubstantiated accusations that even the prosecutors did not dare to pursue against me. Despite this, Karen was not charged for defeating the ends of justice. It thus appears that in Brexit Britain, filing Trumped up accusations against homeless EU "peasants" is apparently completely acceptable: Such is exactly what the McStalking case is an example of.

After the McStalking case's first arrest on June 17th 2019, Scottish Police Services seized an External Harddrive, a USB stick and a smartphone, on the pretext of "gathering evidence"; Despite not containing any criminal evidence whatsoever, none of these have yet been returned. Lack of these has caused a major inconvenience in developing Total Rendition and perhaps that's the whole point of the McStalking case; The police had also tried to make a false money laundering accusation, which would have made it legally much more difficult to further pursue development of Total Rendition, given its scope. Fortunately, these haven't materialised; I know due process gets in the way of "justice"; Then again, whoever considers basic freedoms to get in the way of justice, perhaps ought to rethink their definition of justice.

Originally, the trial was scheduled for 25th of July 2019. This was postponed, as court granted me bail just a few days earlier after nearly a month of arbitrary detention, the detention being justified on the grounds that I did not rent or owned a home (while conversely, I reckon billionaires probably can get away with murder without getting any criminal charges whatsoever). Afterwards, I have moved to Edinburgh and treated the case as vexatious litigation, hoping that the court would see sense and throw it in the bin. Alas, that did not occur. In October, an arrest warrant was issued. Needless to say, the warrant carried thus little currency that it was only served months later and not in relation to the McStalking case. My solicitor (i.e. attorney) at the time, Ian Myles, urged me to turn myself over to the police, which I felt was offensive and thus I broke with him. I was arrested in February this year after security staff of the University of Edinburgh called the police for sleeping in the library. Prior to arriving in Scotland in 2018, I was effectively forced away from Leiden University at the behest of V.S.L. Catena, also by means of legal abuse, thus preventing me from completing my Philosophy & Theology major there.

Unsurprisingly, I was arbitrarily detained again from February 23rd to March 25th this year, during which I was completely unable to work on Total Rendition. I was bailed on the day of trial, with my then solicitor David Bell citing the WHO's global health emergency as an excuse for granting me bail. The Sheriff did grant me release, which has so far proved useful for gathering evidence to prove my innocence (if I REALLY need to mount a defence), and to prove misconduct on the authorities' part. As such, I have since filed a freedom of information request to the Home Office. Perhaps, it may turn out that the whole McStalking case was a Hostile Environment Policy shenanigan after all. And indeed, Dundee Sheriff Court granted my request to have the trial postponed awaiting the outcome of the freedom of information request. Yet, following the last intermediate hearing on August 19th of this year where this was decided upon, David Bell and indeed his entire firm Paterson Bell withdrew representation, citing a "breakdown in solicitor-client" relationship over using his address to receive legal documents that would have been useful to the case. Ominous.

Currently, the trial is planned for 28th January 2021 at Dundee Sheriff Court. This covers both the McStalking case proper as well as a "failure to appear" charge, the latter charge based on the archaic and debunked notion that criminal charges can never be vexatious. I intend to appeal it up to the High Court (that is, the Scottish supreme court) if needed be to secure acquittal.

-Mordechai Gabai

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