Total Rendition

Total Rendition is the latest prototype and has a couple of new features. The main new features of are Keypads (which can be bypassed with the sabotage skill) and quest parameters. Furthermore, some additional polishing has been done which you will also notice in future openly available versions of Total Rendition.

The environment design of Villa Therese is currently being retooled to take more effective advantage of Unreal Engine 4's graphical capabilities. It is therefore currently seeing only limited circulation, in the form of a version of the Unreal Engine editor, one specifically built to make the environments and assets of Total Rendition. The idea is that the release of the next round of screenshots is due to feel like a major renewal compared to the earlier prototype demos. 

On the agenda for the upcoming prototypes of Total Rendition are:

  • A Mac version
  • Rucksack inventory system
  • Arcana mechanics (i.e. Hatha yoga and Tarot card readings) tied to character modifiers (HP, damage, attributes, skills)
  • Level transitions (Yes, you actually are going to get high on Holland's Finest Beach!)
  • Melee mechanics
  • New NPC models and more original 3D art in general

-Mordechai Gabai

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