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When news broke to me that David Graeber passed away, not surprisingly I once more reflected on his thoughts in greater detail. Which lead me to another revolutionary icon: Abbie Hoffman once wrote Steal this Book; published in 1971, it is a rallying call to stand up against oppression of all sorts, whether corporate or governmental. Since then, this rallying call has been taken up by many, including the band System of A Down, which released the appropriately titled Steal This AlbumTotal Rendition, being just called as it is, if it ever needed to rename itself for legal reasons, would probably be called Steal This Game! or better yet, Steal This Game Play!

Given that Total Rendition is however a game play of great narrative ambitions and that everyone involved deserves (indeed, demand rightly) to be compensated fairly, an uneasy compromise with capitalism had to be made. This entailed the formation of a private limited company, soliciting investment from venture capitalists (a process still ongoing as of the publication of this article) and protecting intellectual property rights to ensure other commercial entities won't be able to "steal" Total Rendition merely for their own pecuniary gain. Yet YOU dear player, should definitely STEAL THIS GAME! Because Total Rendition will have no DRM.

So, by all means, STEAL THIS GAME. If you can buy it, do it as a vote of confidence, to signal to capitalists that whatever they do, providing funding for game plays like Total Rendition is going to be appreciated and they should do it more often. To them, profitability is their equivalent of a politician's approval rating. However, nobody should not play Total Rendition because they lack money to buy it or do not want to spend money on intellectual property at all: While it would be great if Total Rendition would made enough to make everyone involved a living, it's not why we do it.

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