In memoriam: David Graeber

Last week, David Graeber, one of the main ideological inspirations behind Total Rendition, died. He was only 59 years old and I was taken by surprise upon hearing about his death and certainly not in a good way. Yet, his insights are needed now more than ever. Indeed, I suppose part of what I hope to accomplish with Total Rendition is exactly to show you why.

Graeber was the author of Debt and Bullshit Jobs - to name just a few examples - and was a very formidable critic of capitalism, fascism, racism and the bureaucratic society. In short, he truly was a freedom fighter.

If you wish to pay tribute to him, my advice would be to quit your bullshit job. Like, right now! Indeed, that's what allowed me to keep working on Total Rendition in spite of the odds stacked against it; I will never allow the DWP to force me into a bullshit job, when I can work on Total Rendition!

R.I.P. David. You will be missed - yet you'll always be with us all!

-Mordechai Gabai

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