Black Lives Matter

Repost of #BlackLivesMatter issue of The Watchdog - Official Total Rendition newsletter

Black lives matter

This will be an unusual issue of the Watchdog. It will not feature any news about the development of Total Rendition.  It will also be available to the public. Of course, that has been continuing, albeit on a much slower pace. I will tell you that both civil liberties concerns about the Covid-19 lockdowns in the UK, as well as the protests across the US in response to George Floyd's tragic death at the hands of the Minneapolis police department, have preoccupied much of my time. Naturally, this is of course not going to be the end of Total Rendition. If anything, these things underscore the importance and timeliness of Total Rendition's underlying narrative.

The BLM protests are very indicative of the structural yet covert white supremacy that is appearant in most American Police Departments, as well as a number of European Police Forces. Indeed, within police forces in Europe and the USA, white supremacist and Neo-Fascist cliques are known to have emerged as early as the 1960s. Without spoiling the overall plot, I can tell you that some of the villains of Total Rendition are in fact police officers who seek out a Neo-Fascist coup in Europe. The enemies Tzipora Herzog is facing, are indeed pretty much the same beast as the ones the BLM protestors are facing off against.

However, let's be mindful that police brutality never can be tackled until we understand the root causes. Police officers are often "trained" (or I should rather say brainwashed) to "protect" those whom the police (as an institution) believes to be "model citizens" (who are often white, heterosexual, have no record of mental illness and are wealthy) at the expense of those who are not, chiefly people of colour, yet also LGBT's, people with mental health diagnosis such as Schizophrenia and the homeless. This is why I cannot emphasise enough the need for solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter .

Martial law

In contravention with America's constitution, Trump has announced that he would deploy the US armed forces against the demonstrators who demand an end to institutional police racism and other such attacks on civil liberties. While this technically isn't the same thing as martial law, it comes eerily close to it. There has been lots of outcry against that and for a good reason. Yet, we should bear in mind that his actions also normalise - and are normalised by - similar actions elsewhere. 

In Britain, having sex with someone outside one's own household in one's own home, is now illegal! As usual, COVID-19 was cited as a pretext. Yet no virus, however deadly or not, can justify the state interfering in our own bedrooms. Indeed the Private Eye reported in the few months before this specific lockdown measure, that the Church of England was already becoming more rigid in their sexual teachings, which used to be relatively liberal compared to say, the Roman Catholic Church, Evangelical Christianity (Hello Mike Pence!) and Salafist Islam.

In historical Fascist regimes such as Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Italy, many of the precursors towards a Fascist government were already apparent before actual Fascists took power. For instance, Hitler used the vast powers invested into the president of the state by the Weimar constitution, to enable his own Gleichschaltung (which euphemistically roughly means as much as "making things more even" in German). I hope that if you play Total Rendition, you will become more sensitive to these kinds of cues.

Total Rendition's development

The show must be paused for now, though not forever. Indeed, these events in my opinion underscore why Total Rendition's narrative is needed really badly in the foreseeable future.

Hopefully, I will be able to tell you about exciting progress on Total Rendition itself in the future!

-Mordechai Gabai

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