A downloadable game play for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Game they don't want you to Play!

Imagine your ever-changing line-of-work stemming out of unpaid student debts getting you entangled in a complicated web of deceit, filial rivalry and political extremism. This will be your Total Rendition: Welcome to Holland's Finest Beach!

What to expect in Total Rendition?

  • Total Immersion!
  • A story that will suck you in!
  • Multiple ways to solve problems!
  • Navigate your way through filial conflicts you never asked for!
  • Believable characters with believable motivations in a unbelievably post-truth dystopia!
  • Political commentary!
  • The game (play) which even in development already caused a bigger shitstorm than Grand Theft Auto! And you thought Jack Thompson was the worst?

Total Rendition is still in development, so expect to see more along the way.

Keep updated on Total Rendition's development on the official Total Rendition devlog!

Install instructions

If you normally use a pop-up blocker and encounter trouble downloading Total Rendition, please whitelist itch.io or turn the pop-up blocker off.  Otherwise, you may find yourself being unable to download Total Rendition.

In the event that Windows prevents you from launching the installers, right-click on the .exe file, then click on "Unblock" and finally close that Window by clicking "OK".

System Requirements

  • x64 CPU built circa 2010s
  • Microsoft Wiindows 7 and up or GNU/Linux (Debian) - Windows exclusive
  • 8GB ram
  • About 2GB of free diskspace (differs by version)
  • Vulkan compatible GPU drivers
  • Unreal Prerequisities (will be automatically installed in the Windows version)


Total Rendition is a work of fiction. Any alleged similarities with real persons or events, alive or dead are based on coincidence. Currently available demos of Total Rendition intend to show premise and gameplay of Total Rendition in action and are not representative of the final result. Neither Schizotypy Game Development Limited nor any persons affiliated with it shall accept any legal liabilities purporting the contrary under any circumstance.


Villa Therese Prototype Demo (2019) 811 MB
Other Experimental Demos

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