A downloadable game play for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Imagine getting entangled in a complicated web of deceit, filial rivalry and political extremism. This will be your Total Rendition: Welcome to Holland's Finest Beach!

  • Total Immersion from a first-person perspective!
  • A story that sucks you in!
  • Multiple ways to solve problems!
  • Repay your college debts, navigating your way through filial conflicts you have never asked for!
  • Believable characters with believable motivations, in an unbelievably post-truth dystopia, that is already here!
  • Political commentary!
  • The game (play) which has already caused a bigger shitstorm than Grand Theft Auto! And you thought Jack Thompson was the worst?

Summed up, Total Rendition will be an uncompromising depiction of the real-world. And the unreal-world.

Keep updated on development on TR's itch.io devlog!

Commentary is appreciated, although not on this page, as we have turned off comments here. Feel free to discuss (or not) Total Rendition wherever else you like.

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