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Imagine getting entangled in a complicated web of deceit, filial rivalry and political extremism. This will be your Total Rendition: Welcome to Holland's Finest Beach!

  • Total Immersion from a first-person perspective: See the world from the eyes of Tzipora Herzog, the relatable yet roguish anti-hero! Repay your college debts, navigating your way through filial conflicts you have never asked for!
  • A story that sucks you in, forcing you to make complex choices in an environment which mirrors our own, with multiple ways to solve problems!
  • Believable characters with believable motivations, in an unbelievably post-truth dystopia, that is already here: Get ready to be overpowered by the sheer volume of political commentary!

Total Rendition will be - and already is - an uncompromising depiction of the real-world. It is the game they don't want you to play!

Obligatory legal mumbo-jumbo

We spend great effort and care in our goal of delivering you Total Rendition, true to its design intentions. In spite of our best efforts, we cannot guarantee delivery of the final version.

This game is a work of fiction. Any alleged similarities with real persons or events, alive or dead are based on coincidence. This game is currently still in development and available builds of this game intend to show premise and gameplay in action and are 
not representative of the final result. Neither Schizotypy Game Development Limited nor any persons affiliated with it shall accept any legal liabilities purporting the contrary under any circumstance.


Pre-order Now
On Sale!
75% Off
39.99€ 9.99€ EUR or more

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Total Rendition - the full version
Seasons pass for upcoming early builds

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Windows Build 811 MB

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